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About 3GOOD Group
In recent years, the rate of condominium conversion in metropolitan areas has increased at an accelerated rate, and as the supply of new condominiums has increased, the number of condominium stock units also continues to rise.
On the other hand, as the existence of dilapidated condominiums with poor management has become a societal problem, societal interest in the proper maintenance of buildings is also growing higher than ever before.
Under the concepts of “Good For You”, “Good For Us”, and “Good For The Earth”, our 3GOOD Group, we are a corporate group that aims to contribute to society through working on “Continuation & Evolution” of buildings.

To this end, we strive to provide total services, from building management to maintenance and inspection of building equipment, and large-scale repair work. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a full commitment to attend to the building and its people and to keep the building in good condition, we are fully committed to the evolution of buildings with a free and boundless imagination.

Through our efforts to the sustainment and evolution of buildings, we at 3GOOD Group support the security and happiness of the people who gather and live in there and contribute to the creation of a society that can envision a hopeful future, as an entire group.
Contributing to the “Continuation & Evolution” of buildings
That is the mission of our 3GOOD Group.
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