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Proposal for Value Up of Real Estate Property
Value up of real estate means renovations that take location characteristics, building grade, and tenant targets into account to differentiate a property from the competition in the surrounding area, and increase competitive occupancy and profitability.
Profits will be limited while PM work alone, which manages buildings and acts as leasing management agency, so we offer a total service to owners, starting with increasing asset value, proposing value up measures, designing and constructing building reforms, and then providing PM on an outsourced basis.
Value Up Proposal Flow
STEP.1 Preparation STEP.2 Planning STEP.3 Construction Discussion We collect and carefully review the requestsfrom both owners and building users. Investigation Our various specialists investigatethe surrounding environment,building, and location conditions. Planning / Design We share drawings and images anddiscuss thoroughly with the owner. Budget Management We make appropriate proposals basedon construction cost estimates andrevenue simulations. Construction Management We constantly check that constructionis progressing as scheduled and thatthere are no safety or quality issues. Design Supervision We strictly check that constructionis carried out per the design.