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Business Continuity Plan
We have formulated a “Business Continuation Plan” (BCP) that establishes methods for ongoing activities and business continuity in the event of an emergency situation such as a disaster, to minimize damage to business assets, enable the continuation or early recovery of core operations, and ensure the safety of people and bodies of those involved.
Assuming the targeted disasters, such as earthquakes and new infectious diseases, and their effects, we formulate and respond to specific preventive measures and establish an operational system.
In addition, we conduct education and training for the purpose of informing our employees, inspections and reviews to maintain the effectiveness of our BCP annually.
【Our Basic Business Continuity Plan】
  • Respect for human life: We put the life and physical safety of our employees, their families and the employees of our affiliates as our top priority.
  • Preservation of tenants' lives: we do our best to secure the lifelines of the tenants of the properties we are entrusted with by our customers and do our best to restore their lives promptly.
  • Respect for customer trust: We protect the trust of our customers through the above two policies and fulfill our social responsibility.