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Handling of personal information with regards to recruitment
We handle the personal information applicants provide when recruiting as outlined below.
Please make sure you understand the contents of the privacy policy before providing your personal information.
Please note that if you do not provide your personal information, you may not be considered for employment.
  • The personal information applicants provide will only be used for the purpose of recruitment.
  • The personal information will not be used for any other purpose without applicant's consent.
  • Please be aware that we do not return any of the submitted documents (resume, work history, etc.).
  • We properly manage the information of hired employees as employee information after applicants join the company.
  • The information of unsuccessful applicants will be properly disposed of or deleted after the completion of the recruitment and selection process.
If you have any questions or complaints about personal information, please contact the following office.
【Contact】 Complaints Desk for Personal Information
【Responsible Party】 Personal Information Counseling Office
【TEL】 03-5614-7610 【FAX】 03-5614-7611
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