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It seems to me that the search for harmony is the most beautiful human passion
This phrase comes from a quote by Le Corbusier, a famous architect.
As these words imply, we humans have always pursued the harmony between nature and mankind,
or sensibility and technology, and our civilizations and cultures have blossomed and
developed repeatedly throughout any ages.
Even today as we enter a new century, the society in which we live is scattered with various events and problems.
However, we believe that our mission as a company to build the society of the future is to be passionate about the harmony of these events, just as humans have done in the past.

At GoodWorks Co,. Ltd., we hope to create our own corporate value in the field of living spaces based on
the three concepts of "Good For You," "Good For Us," and "Good For The Earth",
and contributing back to society through these values.

Additionally, we do not simply pursuing profits, will be sensitive to the turbulent trends and needs of society, also engage actively and consider about important societal themes such as "Information Technology", aging society, universal design, global environmental issues, and more.
We aspire to create "GOOD" for our customers, stockholders, employees, and the earth as we aim for mutual prosperity.

The "Good Fellows", which is part of the harmonious relationship with all things...
Please expect us for our active work and we look forward to your continued patronage.
Goodworks Co. Ltd.
C.E.O Takeshi OBATA