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What is property management?
Property management (PM) refers to the overall management and operation of buildings and other real estate.
It includes building management, tenant management, fund management, and a wide range of other tasks.
Now that investment in operational real estate has become an established asset-building method, PM has evolved to become an important task that influences the value of managed real estate, and is outsourced as a highly specialized task.
We take the perspective of operating real estate, such as rental condominiums, on behalf of the owners, we fully prepare to maximize the profitability and maintain and increase the asset value.
Efficient Management We aim to optimize the complicated workflows while concurrently coordinating maintenance operations with our group company, Hozen Co,. Ltd. to offer benefits in terms of both quality and cost. Improve Tenant Satisfaction We care to improve the living environment and respond promptly to complaints in order to improve tenant satisfaction. Avoid Vacancy Risk We strive to avoid vacancy risks by utilizing timely analysis of market trends and strong network of leasing agencies. We Pursue The Profitability of Managed Real Estate with Our Unique Solutions. Improved ProfitabilityCreation of Asset Value
List of Property Management Services
Leasing Market Information Gathering Finding Tenants Negotiating Contract Terms and Conditions Finalizing Rental Contracts Researching Potential Tenants Tenant Management Handling Everyday Inquires Rent billing and collection Deposit Management Contract Renewal and Cancellations Building Management Planning of Management Maintenance Management of Regular Cleaning and Improvements Expense Management Restoration After Tenant Evacuation Disaster/Crime Prevention Measures Reporting Monthly Reporting Annual Reporting Other Reporting