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Real Estate Agency and Consulting
Real Estate Agency
As a general real estate company, we always compare and contrast the profitability of various simulations based on local market trends and market needs to meet the goals and circumstances of our customers.
We offer optimal business proposals that take into account the interests of the owners, from buying and selling to leasing.
Effective Use of Real Estate
Construction companies and house builders tend to make proposals from their own standpoint.
As a life partner working from the customer’s point of view, we analyze the way of effective use of land, starting from understanding customer's own property, and deciding if inheritance measures are necessary or if profitability is important.
We provide total support for planning, design, budget and schedule adjustment, tenant selection,
and post-construction business management guidance.
Asset Survey / Assessment Inheritance Measures Asset UtilizationProposal Real Estate Purchasingand Sales Planing / DesignSupervision Soliciting Tenants Business ManagementGuidance Total support fromthe customer’s point of view.