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Solicitation Policy for Sales of Financial Products, Etc.
We have established the following solicitation policy in accordance with the Law on Sales of Financial Products and conducts solicitation in accordance with this policy.
  1. We comply with the Insurance Business Act, the Law on Sales of Financial Products and other related laws and regulations when selling our products, and strive to sell our products appropriately.
  2. We strive to provide clear explanations and guidance, help acquire useful knowledge, and give information, so that our customers can fully understand when we sell our products.
  3. We strive to help our customers choose products that align with their intentions and circumstances, taking into account the customer's knowledge of the products, the purpose for purchase, and their asset status.
  4. We strive to give due consideration to the time, place, and method from the customer's point of view when selling our products.
  5. In the unlikely event of an insurance accident, we strive to provide appropriate advice on insurance claims. In addition, we endeavor to pay claims promptly and accurately according to the contents of the contracted products.
  6. We strive to respond promptly, appropriately, and politely to customer inquiries.
  7. We strive to use the opinions and requests from our customers, for reference in offering our products.
  8. We handle appropriately and manage strictly any customer information.